We take great pride in sharing feedback provided by our customers.


“It still remains that ETS has continued to be the regional leader in providing calibration, maintenance and repairs to our environmental chamber verification systems. In addition to this service, ETS continues to provide effective retro engineering solutions to a wide array of legacy systems needing on-going support in a time when opportunities for new capital asset acquisitions are not available. Employees of ETS are well trained, incredibly professional, and extremely dependable! ETS has set the standard in providing environmental test systems support that no other company has been able to meet.”

“Great work on the calibration and periodic maintenance. Thank you again for the great service!”

“We love working with ETS. Scott is always willing to help and comes up with new ideas to help us keep up and running”

“We have received nothing but excellent service, keep up the great work”

“ETS continues to be one of our top service providers. Your support is greatly appreciated”

“ETS did a great job with installing the stability chambers and calibrating the systems. As well as another one of our environmental chambers, Tin Can, in a timely manner when our Metrology Department was unable to do so.”