Serial #: 4391-1

 230VAC  3Ø  60HZ  50FLA

 Year: 2008

 Temperature Range: -20°C to 100°C

 Altitude Range: Site level -2000 ft. to 100,000 ft. at a rate of 5,000 ft. per minute

 Exterior Dimensions:

 H: 78"  W: 65"  D: 52" 

Interior Dimensions:

H: 34"  W: 40"  D: 24" 

*Honeywell Chart Recorder

*Features Watlow Controllers 



Item # AF-20/100-18.8

Item #DescriptionPriceQuantity
4391-1Bemco Temperature/ Altitude

Model Number: AF-20/100-18.8

Temperature/ Altitude

List Price: $20,000.00

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