Calibration is an integral part of maintaining and insuring the best performance from your thermal test and process equipment. Environmental Test Systems Inc. (ETS) specializes in calibrating all types of thermal and pressure devices. ETS offers ISO 17025 accredited calibrations and non-accredited calibrations on many types of equipment. Our calibration measuring standards are calibrated to ISO standards and are NIST traceable. Each calibration is supplied with a calibration sticker on the equipment and a calibration certificate customized for that piece of equipment being calibrated.

ETS offers years of experience repairing and calibrating many different types of equipment. That experience has offered us the ability to develop customized calibration procedures that best fits each type of equipment.

Contact us and let us know if one of our experienced personal can help create a calibration plan that best meets your needs and equipment.

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ESPEC ChamberEnvironmental Test Chambers

There are many types of Environmental Test chambers and we have developed very specific calibration procedures for each type of chamber. Types include but are not limited to:

  • Temperature
  • Temperature/Humidity
  • Altitude HALT/HASS
  • Thermal shock, Air to Air and liquid to liquid
  • And more


We have developed calibration procedures for all types of recirculating process chillers. Many of these systems use specialty fluids and processes. ETS can provide calibration services for process chillers with a temperature range of -70c to 100c and for all types of fluids and controls.



Sterilizers are crucial to keep calibrated accurately to insure that the product is sterilized properly. Many sterilizer owners are FDA regulated and solid calibration program is a must. We understand that the FDA requires very specific documentation and we strive to complete accurate and timely calibration certificates. We have many years’ experience calibrating all types, sizes and brands of steam sterilizers.


Laboratory Equipment

There are many types of refrigerated and heated equipment used in all types of laboratories. ETS has the ability to calibrate these types of equipment and can develop a custom calibration program based on your specific needs and the equipment needs. Equipment types would include but not limited to:

  • Refrigerators
  • Ultra low freezers
  • Freeze dryers
  • Centrifuges
  • Laboratory ovens
  • And more

Process Ovens

Manufactures use all types of Process ovens in their manufacturing lines and we can support all the calibration needs of this equipment with temperature ranges from ambient all the way to 800°c.