Equipment down time and poor performance can effect everyday procedures and work schedules. Preventive maintenance inspections are important to keep your equipment running reliably and at its top performance for many years to come. Environmental Test Systems Inc offers full maintenance services on all types of thermal, vibration and pressure controlled equipment that is used in today’s modern industry sites. We have developed maintenance procedures for many types of standard test and laboratory equipment.

ETS can create custom PM procedures for specialized equipment and for customers who may need special considerations when either a high duty cycle is present or when a regulatory authority is involved such as the FDA.

And we can help implement a plan that would be from an annual inspection, to providing on site techs working daily with you for the ultimate maintenance support.

Below are several equipment types that ETS can provide high quality and professional maintenance services. Contact us today to see how we can help assist in your preventive maintenance needs.

Environmental Test Chambers

There are many types of Environmental Test chambers and we have the knowledge and experience to maintain most types and sizes of Environmental Chambers made by most manufacturers. ETS has developed a proven and thorough pm inspection for most of these types of chambers. ETS’s PM procedures typically equal or in many cases exceed the OEM’s recommended procedures.

Types include but are not limited to:

  • Temperature
  • Temperature/Humidity
  • Altitude
  • Thermal shock, Air to Air and liquid to liquid
  • And more

ETS has many years’ experience maintaining test chambers made by many manufacturers.

OEM’s included but not limited to include:

ESPEC, Cincinnati Sub-Zero, Russell’s Technical Products, Tenney, Blue- M, Ransco, Flexstar Technology, Thermotron, Test Equity, Qualmark, Hanse Environmental, Envirotronics and more.

Recirculating Chillers/Thermal Control Units (TCU)

ETS offers maintenance services for all types and sizes of process chillers and recirculating thermal control systems for many different types of industries.

Recirculating Chiller types include:

  • Low, ultra-low, and high temperature process chillers or TCU units. All fluid types
  • Recirculating baths
  • Refrigerated Oil coolers
  • Specialty water heaters and more

Our technical staff has many years’ experience maintaining chillers made by many manufacturers.

OEM’s we service include, but are not limited to include:

Neslab, Julabo, SP Scientific (FTS), Cold Shot, TempTek, M&W (FlowRite), Haskris, Edwards Engineering, LAM and more.


Steam sterilizers are exposed to very harsh conditions including high temperature steam, water supply conditions and more. Without a proper maintenance program the system will become more and more susceptible to unpredictable failures ETS has developed a very sound pm program that tries to forecast failures before they happen. Sometimes called “predictive maintenance”, ETS has designed a part replacement program that helps reduce and/or eliminate the unscheduled down time. ETS can offer several different levels of pm programs that are tailored to the unit and the customer’s specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

ETS has many years’ experience maintaining steam sterilizers made by many manufacturers.

OEM’s included but not limited to include:

Primus Sterilizer Company, Tuttnauer USA, Castle, Steris and more.

ETS is an authorized service agent for Primus Sterilizer Company and Tuttnauer USA.

Laboratory Equipment

There are many types of refrigerated and heated equipment used in all types of laboratories. ETS has the ability and knowledge to maintain various types of equipment with custom tailored preventive maintenance programs available.

Equipment types would include but not limited to:

  • Refrigerators
  • Ultra low freezers
  • Freeze dryers
  • Centrifuges
  • Laboratory ovens
  • Incubators
  • And more

OEM’s included but not limited to include:

FTS, VWR, Sanyo, Fisher Scientific, and more

Process Ovens

Manufactures use all types of Process ovens in their manufacturing process and we can support all the maintenance needs of this equipment.

Equipment types would include but not limited to:

  • High temperature process ovens of all sizes and temperature ranges.
  • Vacuum deposition ovens
  • Curing ovens
  • And more

OEM’s included but not limited to include:

ESPEC, Wisconsin Oven, Gruenberg, Blue-M and more.