Do you need a unit moved? Perhaps you have a whole laboratory to move?

Environmental Test Systems Inc. offers moving support services.


Pre Move services include:

  • Working with your staff to determine a plan of action and a realistic schedule for moving any number of units. It would also help identify special facilities requirements needed for post move installation.
  • Our experienced technicians can run test the system and provide a pre-move chamber performance validation.
  • We then prepare the unit for moving, including properly shutting down the unit, unhooking the unit from the customers utilities and preparing the unit for crating.
  • Once moved to the new site, we can then offer any of our installation services to get the unit set, commissioned and running properly.

Post Move Installation Services include:

  • Receiving the unit at the new site.
  • Unpacking, uncrating, and completing an inspection for damage.
  • Set, level and verify manufacturer suggested clearances
  • Verify utility’s requirements as suggested by manufacturer and make final connections to the customer supplied utilities.
  • Run test the unit for proper operation
  • Provide a post move chamber performance validation.

There are many types of Environmental Chambers and we have the knowledge and experience to provide moving support services for the following:

  • Environmental Test Chambers
  • Walk-in Chambers – ETS has the knowledge and experience to disassemble the walk in panels and supported equipment, package and then reassemble the unit at the new location.
  • Recirculating Chillers/Thermal Control Units (TCU)
  • Sterilizers
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Process Ovens